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“Non pensare mai nella tua mente: “Ho sofferto per arrivare a questa altezza, anche gli altri devono soffrire”. Sii aperto, illumina la luce in un mondo oscurato, assapora il sale, cambia la tua atmosfera in positivo attraverso le cose buone che escono da te.”

Whitney Ibe Blog!...Always With You

Sometimes when one looks at the tree it looks so damaged, yet, the following year, it bears greater number of fruits more than ever before. Our target should be fruit bearing.

Let us never mind how much we had been broken. The condition is profitable in that a broken alabaster produces pleasant smell. When plates are broken, they are spoilt. But if through the word of God our hearts are broken, salvation is guaranteed.

A broken and contrite heart, God will never despise. God keeps us alive to change our conditions. As we get broken and the sweet smells send forth, let us make effort to impact on others.

Never think in your mind, “ I suffered to get to this height, others must suffer too”. Be open, shine forth the light in a darkened world, taste as salt, change your atmosphere to the positive through the good things that…

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